808 Planner

is designed to help individual farmers, ranchers, landowners and agriculture professionals to develop a conservation plan that improves stewardship of soil and water resources.

808 Planner is based on processes developed by the USDA-Natural Resources Conservation Service and integrates Standards and Practices that have been developed for Hawaiʻi and the Pacific Islands Area. The primary steps include identifying your management goals; mapping your farm and fields; and selecting best management practices.

The 808 Planner process

808 Planner provides information on a variety of conservation practices that may be suitable for agricultural entities operating in Hawaii and the Pacific Islands Area. An overview of the 100+ practices is available as a single (PDF) document: Conservation Practices Summary.

Users can use 808 Planner to identify conservation opportunities on land they manage. If they intend to use the conservation plan as a tool to qualify for grading and grubbing exemptions or to seek financial support from local, state or federal farm programs it is necessary to seek approval of the plan from the local Soil and Water Conservation District.

808 Planner is produced and managed by the Oʻahu Resource Conservation & Development Council with financial support for its development provided by: State of Hawaiʻi Dept of Agriculture (Grant in Aid), Ulupono Initiative, South Oʻahu County Farm Bureau, Marisla Fund of the Hawaiʻi Community Foundation, Atherton Family Foundation, Soil and Water Conservation Districts, and USDA-Natural Resources Conservation Service.

808 Planner Privacy Commitment

808 Planner is offered in the interest of conservation for the benefit of its users. We commit to storing information provided to 808 Planner in a secure manner.

This information is deemed to be private and is the property of the user. We reserve the right to use the data for purposes of maintaining and improving the program, including contacting you via email to send software updates and related correspondence.

We also reserve the right to use the data to measure program effectiveness and agree to take reasonable precautions to ensure that personal identifying information is not shared without your permission. Questions about our Privacy Commitment can be directed to 808planner@oahurcd.org.

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